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  “Your First Visit” Congratulations on choosing AACR Centers, Inc. for your Maximum Cosmetic Recovery (MCR) from the professional Beautiful Image unit. Microcurrent Facial and Body Sculpting procedures are becoming the most effective, non-invasive, painless cosmetic procedure in the United States. Hollywood celebrities have used this technology, including stars like Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Rene Zellweger, Goldie Hawn, Jamie- Lee Curtis, Mel Gibson, Liv Tyler, Kate Winslett, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and many more. The number of procedures depends upon the state of your skin and facial aesthetics, but typically a non-invasive facelift should plan on at least 10 sessions in their program. Your professional will be able to determine your most effective approach. We want this to be as positive experience as possible for you, so please read the following guidelines:

 1. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to fill out initial forms that will be used by your professional to customize a procedure program for you.

2. Some techniques of the procedure will involve points along the neck and upper chest area around the collarbone, so you may elect to bring a spaghetti strap, or low cut garment or robe to allow access to this area.

3. Your makeup will be removed in the initial phase of the facial procedure, so you may choose to wear little or none at all before your appointment. You may reapply makeup afterwards. Note: Eye makeup is not always removed by this procedure, especially mascara.

4. It is recommended that you remove your contacts prior to a procedure session, but it is not necessary.

5. Please understand that $99 demonstrations are given with the understanding that you agree to spend about 5 minutes afterwards to discuss treatments and options. Special pricing will be made available to you only during your first demonstration visit, so be sure and bring along any preferred payment methods.

6. If you have had a cosmetic procedure such as Botox, Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, Injectable Filler, or Skin Resurfacing recently, you may not be ready to begin a MCR program. Your professional will be able to determine this during your initial consultation.

7. Although there is evidence of the healing properties on skin disorders such as acne, we cannot perform this procedure while you have any open sores or wounds.

8. Your questions should be covered by reading the Information on this site before your first visit, however your professional will be happy to answer any additional questions during your visit.

What to expect during and after your procedure:

After an initial cleansing facial, there will be 3 phases of Microcurrent performed. Phase 1 will stimulate circulation; phase 2 is the sculpting phase, and phase 3 is the setting phase; if this is your 1st Demo session or part of a package there will be a phase 4 with elastin protein infusion. You should not feel any pain, but at times you may feel a “tingling” sensation. This is normal, but if it becomes uncomfortable it is because more Skin Support cream needs to be applied to that area. Simply inform your professional and they will take the appropriate measures. Your procedure should be relaxing and comfortable.

Everyone experiences different results after a procedure, and there is no way to tell what aging effects will be improved the most, but you can count on being satisfied with the results that are achieved from a full procedural program. Clients over the age of 40 typically see the greatest youthful changes; although younger clients benefit by postponing the signs of aging and maintaining their current youthfulness.

Some potential results from your first procedure may include:

- Positive changes in the overall glow/color of your skin.

- An overall lift of the facial contours and certain features (most notice the eyes). - Skin should feel tighter and less affected by gravity and movement.

- Some minor smoothing of lines/wrinkles is also common.

- While not a medical procedure, Skin disorders, especially acne and Rosacea may reduce right away.

Some clients will appear more changed than others upon their first procedure, but all experience age defying changes as muscle memory begins to increase at the 6th or 7th session. The quality of your diet, frequency of exercise, and amount of clean water you drink will influence the speed and impact of your results, as well as being a non-smoker.

After a procedure is complete, you may resume your normal day without any swelling or inflammation whatsoever. It is recommended that the MCR Skin Support used during your procedure is not washed off for 4-6 hours in order to receive the best results from this procedure (it is invisible once rubbed into the skin and you may re-apply makeup). Ideally you should adopt a home-care collagen and elastin gel replacement therapy to enhance and extend the positive results of this treatment.

That’s all there is too it.

We look forward to your first visit and we are confident in the age-defying results we will achieve for you. We appreciate any referrals from friends, family, and co-workers.

Looking in the mirror will soon be something you look forward to every day, and you will never get tired of hearing how others tell you how great you are looking.

Congratulations on taking your first step to a safe and effective rejuvenation.