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What is microcurrent?

Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Recovery Centers, Inc. specializes in micro-current and topical enhancements that rejuvenate the face and body. The basic treatment is a procedure that involves the delivery of Micro-current into the face and body through specially designed conducting wands that are applied at specific acupuncture points. The experience is described as wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain or swelling, and the age-defying results are remarkable. Celebrity insiders continue to report some of the hottest stars actually buying professional micro-current units with specialists that provide at home treatments. A recent article on Cher reported her long time use of micro-current.

How long has AACRC been doing treatments and how long has the technique been around.

Dr. Muench of AACRC first began to explore micro-current in 2004 after a series of scientific reports concerning the ability of the process to rejuvenate skin through the discovery of infinitesimally small electrical currents that energize at a cellular level. The primary manufacturer has spent 30 years in the cosmetic industry.

Research has included employing a team of physicians, scientists, and a NASA engineer, spending 10 years alone developing the FSM waveforms that are used and one of the secrets to our unique results.

What results can I expect on the face?

It goes without saying that everyone reacts a little differently to the treatments. This is one of the reasons we offer a first time try at a reduced price to allow an evaluation by the client and AACRC before proceeding with a package of treatments. Some of the benefits of micro-current treatments alone are:

· Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases, and wrinkles

· Hydrates and revitalizes skin, making it smoother and softer

· Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

· Rejuvenates the "pink glow" of youthful hues

· Visibly firms and contours, lifting the overall droop

· Tightens sagging jowls, doubling chins, and fatty cheeks

· Clears up or reduces acne

· Reduces the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite on the body

· Reduces scarring and dimpling from laser resurfacing

· Reduces dark circles or puffiness under eyes

· Reduces symptoms of Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Rosacea.

What results can I expect on the body?

Treatments can bring tone and lift sagging body areas, reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and achieve an overall firming of muscle tone as well as inch loss. The most popular procedure is the "tummy tuck". Other areas include the buttocks, thighs, back, arms, breasts and even the hands.

How does microcurrent work?

As we age, our body loses much of its natural electrical energy, much like a battery gradually losing its charge. On a cellular level, this leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin, which leads to sagging and unevenness of texture; lines, wrinkles, and folds become the inevitable result. Beneath the skin, the facial muscles become increasingly

contracted over years of facial expression and constant gravity, allowing the overall lift of our face to decline. Micro-current emits subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals, thereby increasing the amount of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the chemical fuel of human cells) by as much as 500%. Such increased levels of ATP speed cellular metabolism; the result is a detoxification that increases the rate of waste and impurity elimination. Protein synthesis and cellular membrane transport are also increased, as well as the reconstitution of collagen and elastin.

The results of these processes can be seen in improved skin tone and coloration, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and the firming of sagging areas of the face and body. The body is literally being recharged back to its more youthful electrical state, as though a draining battery were plugged

into a charger. With each treatment, ATP levels are stockpiled or stored, which is why Micro-current Facial Sculpting results are cumulative and become better as a series of treatments progresses.

I have heard of other places that offer micro-current treatments so how is AACRC different?

We are specialists in how to get the most out of micro-current by special in office enhancements such as collagen extract serum and our high quality skin care conduction gel formulated by Dr. Burt Ensley, the renown, microbiologist with 19 plant bio-technology patents. In addition we have products with proven, natural ingredients from around the world that have proven effective before, during and after micro-current treatments to help patients maintain their improvements.

Finally, TBI which supplies AACRC, wrote the actual protocol for Elastin Infusion Therapy and is the exclusive source in the US and Canada for the products and certification of other professionals in the amazing painless treatment. This treatment utilizes the only genetically engineered human protein of its kind from plant bio-technology. Since the body stops making elastin at 12 years old, the ability to synthesize new elastin using a topical approach is a REALLY big deal!

What is the age ranged best suited for these treatments?

Our youngest patients are many times young mothers seeking to regain a shapely appearance of the stomach and abdomen, including minimizing stretch marks and muscle toning. The Clayton Shagal skin care line and Adonia organic products are also a major asset to help maintain the youthful glow of skin, prevent damage and dehydration and postponing aging issues.

More mature patients have a variety of aging issues that can be repaired and restored to a much more youthful look by the natural healing powers of micro-current and AACRC extensive knowledge and line of unique topical products. There really is no age limit. Seniors can get great results as well.

Are their any harmful side effects, pain or downtime?

Unlike many other procedures, in more than 60 years of proper aesthetic use of micro-current, there have only been positive side effects with no known harmful effects whatsoever. There is no pain, redness, swelling, down-time, sensitivity to the sun or need to wait to immediately reapply makeup with women. You can go about your business immediately with no worries of anyone noticing except maybe your skin looks better!

How many procedures do I need and how long does it last?

We typically recommend 10 facial treatments, one time per week for most clients, although some younger clients may need only 5 sessions. Thereafter, depending if the client uses collagen and elastin products at home, the results will hold with visits every 4 to 12 weeks with most clients averaging 8 weeks. The body treatments normally begin with 5 sessions and then the client and AACRC makes an assessment of the program. Maintenance schedule is similar to the face. One "wild card" is the exclusive Elastin Infusion treatment. The half-life of the elastin protein is 60 years in a lab setting. Therefore it takes 30 years for 1/2 of the protein to deteriorate. While we know the body is not a "lab", we also know the benefits of replacing elastin to the body can have many positive effects for an extended time.

How much can I expect to pay for these procedures?

We challenge you to find a more cost effective, alternative treatment available today with these age-defying results.

This is one of the reasons we offer a first time try at a reduced price to allow an evaluation by the client and AACRC before proceeding with a package of treatments. Initial facial “demo session” with elastin infusion is only $99 for new clients.

We offer packages with special per session pricing to fit any budget. We understand that budgets may have been trimmed during these economic times and we will work to provide you every reasonable approach to enjoy the benefits at AACRC.